Services we provide

Rockin Clubhouse! 

*Open play
*Birthday parties
*Field trips
*Family Events
*Sibling Night Out
*Life and Social Skills Class 
*Support groups for Parents & Siblings 
*Day Program for 18 & older *Breaktime/Friendship Day
*Summer Camp
Social Club for 18 and older

Support Groups

Parent online/in person 
Sibling online
Adult Social Group 


Need help finding help? Call our office! We have some great people that we work with! 

Friendship Day/Breaktime

Friendship day is where we come together, learn to socialize, play games, listen to music and do individual interest while the caregiver gets a much needed break.

Family Events

We do fun family events that could be at one of our locations or at a venue. We encourage families to enjoy, create friendship and learn from each other. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, WE HAVE EACH OTHER!  During our events, we expect but hope we don't see meltdown, if you have a meltdown, we are there for support and help. We will help with walking you to your car or change of scenery. 

PLEASE join us! 

Mobile Sensory Room

This is where we bring the sensory room to where you are for an event. We supply the activities and clean up. This could be a work event or birthday party in your home. 

First Responder Training

After attending some first responder trainings, we realized that these trainings are not for our loved ones and could hurt either party. We have a specialized training that will qualify first responders to be prepared and safe 


We hold expos and attend expos to help families attain resources and learn about resources that can be beneficial for our families. If you know of an expo or know of a place to hold an expo, please let us know as we would love to attend or hold one! 

Informative Presentation for school or work

We will come to your work or school and tell information about what we do, while spreading Autism awareness and acceptance, as we specialize in Autism. 

Day Program for 18 and older

We are currently working on accepting PUNS as a form of payment. Please call for more information! 

Future Housing Committee

We are working on building a gated community for our families and individuals . 

Starting your own friendship day

Are you looking to start a friendship/breaktime in your area? We now offer a service where we will train you and walk you through the process. Please contact the office for more information! 


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Spring Grove, IL 60081, US

About us

As a family with a special needs loved one, we understand the struggles! We want to help others who are in need and want people to know that their not alone!  We want to tell the world about Autism and bring our loved ones into a world of understanding! We are also a resource for families. We offer families respite care and  starting a day program for 18 and older and now working on building our housing community. 

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