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Welcome to our Resource Page!

We are always trying to find new resources for our families! If you happen to know of a great resource you would like us to share (Dentist, Doctors, OT, PT or Aba Thearpies, etc) or are someone in the field that would like us to share your information you can reach us by 224-538-9736 or 847-641-8129 or you can email us at [email protected]

Our Rockin Services!

The services that we provide, is listed below.  Please contact us for more information! A good way to know what we are up to is to join our mailing list or join us on Facebook!

Adult Day Program!
MWF 9:30-2:30 230 W Plymouth Villa Park, IL
 Open House Feb 20 10-12. A program designed around the individual needs of each person!  

 Break Time/
Friendship Day!!! 

We offer Parents/ care takers break time where parents can drop off their loved ones at a location and enjoy some time to themselves while their loved ones are having fun socializing while being cared for. 


Support Groups

Parent/Guardian, Dad.  Sibling, and Autism Hangout.

These support groups are through zoom until further notice. Please look at our event calendar

Family Fun Activities! 

A chance for families to come together have fun and Learn with each other!!!

Need Help? We have chat or call us!

For care takers or sibling feeling overwhelmed, your never alone! Send an email to [email protected]

Game Nights! 

We play our games through zoom every other Thursday!
If you have any suggestions, please take the survey!

Rockin Events

February 20, 2023

Day Program Open House 10-12

Registration Link: 

February 25, 2023

Break Time Antioch IL

Registration Link: 

April 15, 2023



April 29, 2023

Dinner Fundraiser 


We now have 3 locations for our Special Needs Break Time!

We are now hosting our Special Needs Break Time Events In Crystal Lake IL and Villa Park IL and Antioch IL


Check out our Special Needs Break Time

Rockin Day Program

We are hosting our first Day Program in Villa Park IL! 

If you are interested in this program, please contact us for more information! Send us an email at [email protected] 

Our Mission

At Rockin The Spectrum, our mission is to help the whole family and the person with special needs. We work with all ages and offer resources, support and understanding

A place where your loved one can be themselves, you can be you, and we can learn together in a judgement free socializing environment. Dedicated to provide support, resources, , recreation and advocacy for families impacted by Autism & Developmental Disorders

Rockin The Spectrum's Wish List!

Hello! Below is our wish list for Rockin The Spectrum. If you would like to donate or volunteer, please contact us! 

 * Bubbles *Construction Paper * Board Games (examples such as Candyland, etc. * Bowling set for kids  * Coloring books* Arts and Crafts Supplies * Large Buckets * Large Balls * Hula Hoops *DVDs and Movies (such as Disney movies and Friends) *Printer Paper * Dawn Dish soap. Sensory friendly items.

If you can help, please call us at 847 641 8129 Or email us at [email protected] 

Guess What we did!
We added a Nanny Referral Service! 
We will help you find your nanny!

We have added another program called Rockin Nanny Referral Service! We will find your family your nanny!  Once you sign up we start looking in your area for a caregiver. We met with people interview them. Do a back ground checks and set you up with the best matched to your needs. All you have to do is pick the one you like!
Click below to fill out the application to start the process!  
If you have any financial difficulties, please reach out to us! 
You will pay Referral fee of a flat fee of: $200.00 
Full Time Placement: $500.00 
Part Time Placement: $250.00

Application for Nanny Placement Services! 

Welcome to Rockin The Spectrum!

     Hello everyone! My name is Linda, We are a family who has a loved one with severe Autism. My daughter is now an adult, she is nonverbal and needs 24/7 care. We have had many times in her life, where behaviors were an issue. Because of that, we were unable to get her the much needed help she and we needed! We ended up spending her whole life trying to find something that didn't exist, so we wanted and needed to change that. We don't turn away behaviors. We decided to open Rockin The Spectrum in July, 2019, to make a much needed change in the way our families are taken care of. We have a unique way of treating families and employees with the respect, safety, and consideration that everybody need's. We work as a team, to reach the next step! Our experience comes from raising my daughter, working in countless classrooms, helping families build IEPs, running and building a private specials needs school in Florida and working with several schools to design programs to help service children and adults, who the schools could not reach. We are a not-for profit,  We are on our way to big things!

Patrick Lynn


Linda Lynn


Barbra Lynn

Our inspiration! 

Lizzy Lynn

Co-founder/board member

Ali Lynn

Board Member 


Board Member

Sherie Snyder

Board Member and fellow special needs mom

Celsey Hicks 

Board member and fellow special needs mom

Special Needs Break Time

Do you need a break for a few hours a month? Well now we have that option!
Check out our Facebook Event Page for this event!  

 Please RSVP ASAP so we can arrange staff appropriately.  

You can check our Facebook page to learn more.

Ways to help!

Would you like to help RTS raise money? Here's some of the ways to help!

Facebook Fundraising 

You can do our Facebook Fundraising anytime and on birthdays!

Amazon Smile

When shopping, think of us!

Our Store!

You can check out some of our t-shirts, hats, and bags!

Have any ideas? Send them to [email protected]

Would you like to make a donation?

Welcome to our Clubhouse!

Hello families! 

A place where your loved one can be themselves, you can be you, and we can learn together. An area that is judgment free and fun  Clubhouse for Special Needs of all ages and their loved ones. A place that would be resource for struggling families like for food and home goods. A place where families can come together and socialize, get together and have fun. Have dinner and a movie. Family fun activities , Hang out, and Make Friends  hold Birthday Parties (On site mailbox for birthday cards ), Sensory room  Restaurant on Site    of, Support Groups .