We are a 501 (c) 3 organization.

Sensory play area, respite, friendship day, support groups, adult day program and building our residential housing community!

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Our Rockin Services!

The services that we provide, is listed below.  Please contact us for more information! A good way to know what we are up to is to join our mailing list or join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/rockinthespectrum3


Our clubhouse is your clubhouse! No membership needed!
We invite everyone to play! 
All abilities welcome!!!
Specializing with people who have special needs, of all ages.

Head to the club house and enjoy our sensory play area. Jump on the trampoline Just play with toys, put puzzles together and make friends!

Birthday parties where you get the place to yourself!

Planning a field trip, we would love for you to join us!

Play dates, have a group of friends and want to enjoy

Open play come inside to play and met new friends!


Adult Day Program!

Our Day Program is for ages 18 and older!
This program will be year long.  
Before and Aftercare available!

We are now taking applications for Fall 2024 


No one is unaware of our need of housing, for our families, for our loved ones with special needs. Housing with our loved ones needs ahead of everything else. This community will have a stores, restaurant/bakery and our clubhouse with a day program.  

 Break Time/
Friendship Day!!! 

We offer Parents/ Caretakers break time where parents can drop off their loved ones at a location and enjoy some time to themselves while their loved ones are having fun socializing while being cared for. 

Villa Park is 1st Saturday of each month

Crystal Lake is 2nd Saturday of each month

RSVP: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=DQSIkWdsW0yxEjajBLZtrQAAAAAAAAAAAAO__cTfDX9UNFhXOUdMTzZCVzNZVzQwQ0RGN1hOQkxZVy4u

Support Groups

Dad, Sibling,
and Autism adults social group.

Join us at our new location, Spring Grove.

Family Fun Activities! 

Holiday Parties.
Family get togethers.
You are never alone! 


Life skills 
Parent learning
Training for emergency workers

Summer Camp

2024 summer camp!
Location Spring Grove IL
This will be for our friends with severe needs! Please fill out interest form.

field trips

Did you know our clubhouse is a great place to take a field trip?
Please call Lizzy 224 5389736

Emergency assistant training

Rockin The Spectrum Would like to work with first responders and teach them how to work with people with special needs during crisis. Please call to set it up a time! 

Birthday Parties

All parties are priced up to 20 attendants. No charge for parents! For larger than 20 please call 224 538-9736

2      Hours  300.00
2.5   Hours  350.00
3       Hours  400.00
Use of whole facility. Closed to public.
Help with getting party ready & help supervising guest.
We clean up!
You supply food, drink and supplies needed including decorations!
Call to confirm date!



Would you like to have a day to get together with other homeschoolers? Call Lizzy and we can set up a date! 

Sponsors Page 

Please support our sponsors  

To become a sponsor for RTS, you can follow the link below or call 224-538-9736

Locations for our Special Needs Break Time!

Villa Park IL, 1st Saturday of the month
Crystal Lake IL 2nd Saturday of the month


Check out our Special Needs Break Time


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Rockin The Spectrum's
Rockin Day Program

Rockin The Spectrum's Adult day Program, is designed to meet the needs of adults with special needs ages 18 years old and older, that are no longer serviced through schools. 

Before and Aftercare will be available

New applications are being accepted for February 2024

What our day will look like:
* Life and Social Skills, 

* Exercise 

* Field trips in the community 

*Skills that you feel your loved one(s) need. 

We will meet with parents/caregivers to create an individual plan. 

Now taking applications for fall 2024

We are always trying to find new resources!

We are always trying to find new resources for our families! If you happen to know of a great resource you would like us to share (Dentist, Doctors, OT, PT or ABA therapies, etc) or are someone in the field that would like us to share your information you can reach us by 224-538-9736 or 847-641-8129 or you can email us at [email protected]

Need Finacial Assistance? 

We want to be able to help as many families as we can! You can fill out the form below or contact us by email: [email protected] or call the office at 224-538-9736. If you have any issues, please contact us!

If you would like to be a sponsor, so families are able to benefit from our services, please email or call our office! 

Our Mission

 Rockin The Spectrum, our mission is to help the whole family and all people with special needs!
We work with all ages because special needs does not end at 18!
We work to promote Autism acceptance and strongly fight for Inclusion.

A place where your loved one can be themselves, you can be you, and we can learn together in a judgement free socializing environment. Dedicated to provide support, resources, recreation and advocacy for families impacted by Autism, Developmental Disorders and anyone with special needs.

Welcome to Rockin The Spectrum!

     Hello everyone! My name is Linda, We are a family who has a loved one with severe Autism. My daughter is now an adult, she is nonverbal and needs 24/7 care. We have had many times in her life, where behaviors were an issue. Because of that, we were unable to get her the much needed help she and we needed! We ended up spending her whole life trying to find something that didn't exist, so we wanted and needed to change that. We don't turn away behaviors. We decided to open Rockin The Spectrum in July, 2019, to make a much needed change in the way our families are taken care of. We have a unique way of treating families and employees with the respect, safety, and consideration that everybody needs. We work as a team, to reach the next step! Our experience comes from raising my daughter, working in countless classrooms, helping families build IEPs, running and building a private specials needs school in Florida and working with several schools to design programs to help service children and adults, who the schools could not reach. We are a not-for profit 501 c 3,  We are on our way to big things!

Barbra Lynn

Our inspiration! 

Lizzy Lynn

Co-founder Vice President sibling