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In Home Care/Respite Care

You will be going into a clients home to help them with care, Life skills, and remote learning assistance if needed. We request that all employees wear a mask for safety to both our clients and employees since sometimes our clients cant wear their masks. Hours vary on position.


This position is commission based. The commission is 20%. This will be going towards helping families pay for services, application fee, our new day program, which will need a building, and supplies, such as a bus to transport clients from home to program, or to doctor appointments and community events. We will also be using this so we can get staff, for one on one care, life and social skills (such as a washer and dryer, etc.).  


We are always looking for volunteers to help us with date nights or emergancy respite care, which can include watching the client while loved ones go to the grocery store, get a coffee, or even catch up on some much needed sleep. We always appreciate volunteers taking time out of their day to help and thank you! 

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